Serving those who want to stand out, OH GOSH is a creative agency providing global brands, agencies and artists with concept-led visuals. Our impressive Films and Photography always begin with substantive concepts that resonate and stay with people.

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To us, the most important phase. Sitting down with the client-side project lead and discussing the goals comes above anything else. Following brand discovery, we will reveal the essence of the brand. Leading then into conceptualisation, where we will present within a creative proposal the most ideal solution to meet the client's needs.

Video production

Informed by the client brief and creative proposal, we begin to arrange the pieces that will enable production to begin. The technical success of any production begins here. We look to cover every base and fill any gaps to ensure a smooth and successful shoot.


Marking the beginning of our project execution, production begins when pre-production has been completed to a high standard. Following a strict production plan, all the necessary elements (crew, equipment, talent) come together to make the magic happen.

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