Fred Sirieix X G'vine

Pairing two iconic French legends in one awesome ambassadorship campaign.

Maison Villevert
bee keeper holding clints shoe

Commissioned by our long standing client, Maison Villevert, the G’vine X Fred ambassadorship campaign was brought to us with a need to act at moments notice. Fred’s busy schedule dictated specific dates, leaving us with approximately a 3 week pre-production window. Drawing up the concept, we knew from the beginning it was vital for Fred to visit Cognac, where G’vine is made, in order to deliver an authentic ambassadorship campaign.

bees crawling on the toe of a clints shoe up close

Using Fred’s French heritage, the concept of his return to France was born. There to collect his favourite French goods, by the end of his short trip his list would come to include G’vine - the impeccable French gin distilled from grapes. Eventually gaining approval from all involved, the concept was born and solidified within 2 weeks.

Working alongside Dead Pixel films to achieve delivery on our tight timeline, we prepared for the journey to Cognac, France for a short recce of our locations followed by two packed days of shooting with Fred and Maison Villevert master distiller - Jean-Sébastien. A small team of 6 were assembled to achieve the agility the shooting schedule demanded.

Fred Sirieix X G'vine

Between 3 unique shooting locations, we document Fred’s journey as he attempts to understand friend Jean-Sébastien’s unique creation, G’vine.

Deliverables included a content marketing series, the 4 chapters of Fred’s journey, with supporting youTube pre-roll ad’s and social media content. The national ad campaign would be rolled out within a matter of weeks following the shoot.

In the 2 weeks following the shoot, between advertising and social media collateral, a total of 140 assets were delivered by OH GOSH to the client.