Flirt UK Launch Campaign

Big, vibrant, exciting creative to translate and launch a staple Bulgarian brand onto the UK market.

bee keeper holding clints shoe

A staple brand in its home country of Bulgaria and surrounding regions, once the brand found a UK distributor, they came to us for a campaign that would effectively launch the product onto the UK scene. The main ambition and challenge was to convey the core offering to both on-trade and off-trade customers alike. Discussing and refining with the UK and Bulgarian teams, we pitched and executed a concept which would maintain the brand's core identity whilst appealing to the the UK market taste and attitudes.

bees crawling on the toe of a clints shoe up close

Where many brands in the market aim to either convey the experience of taste, or associated lifestyle - we chose to show highlight the direct experience of the product in situ, reflecting the dynamic nature of the its spirit category.

Flirt UK Launch Campaign

6 SKU's, 6 locations, 2 days. A massive effort from everyone involved in creating this whirlwind campaign.

The final deliverables included a healthy amount of lifestyle photo's and a 30 second hero commercial. These were subsequently used across pitch decks, websites and advertising campaigns to bolster the brand presence in the UK.