June Gin Liqueur

A perfect summer with the perfect serve.

bee keeper holding clints shoe


When the team at G’vine approached us with their new Gin Liqueur ‘June’ we were excited to say the least. The marketing team emphasised the importance of their recommended serve using the June branded mason jar, which would soon be sold on promotion with the bottles. Before doing so, they needed to demonstrate the promotional mason jar in use.

bees crawling on the toe of a clints shoe up close


Our creative proposal was summarised in three words ‘garden of eden’. We would demonstrate the ‘perfect serve’ within the ‘perfect scenario’. An idyllic picnic in a private garden, enjoying the summer among friends - with June at the heart of it all.

The short headline video would be a combination of instructional and lifestyle styles, allowing for multi purposing upon distribution. Additionally a photography pack would be created in parallel, for use in print, POS and social media.


Assembling our crew and extras on location in Walkden, Manchester - we collectively crossed our fingers for good weather. Not only did the sun show up for us, but to such a degree that is was necessary to diffuse the natural light with a large grid, keeping our extras out of the harsh sunlight and still looking great on camera.

Our photographer and film team worked diligently alongside one another between setups throughout the day, as always, making sure nothing was missed in both mediums.

The cinematographer chose vintage lenses which would accentuate hazy dream world we were after. Our production designer did a great job with interpreting the concept, padding out the empty space and creating a scene which felt lived in and ment-to-be.

June Gin Liqueur


After some additional work in post-production perfecting the colour grade, the final media package was handed over to the client just three weeks after wrapping the shoot. The deliverables were launched on June’s social media, amazon brand shop and website.