All That I Need

Eden Hill's first music video brought to life.

Music Video
Eden Hill
bee keeper holding clints shoe


In the lockdown of 2020, director Hana Kez began hosting UP 2 11, a weekly radio show aired on the local station of BCB. During this radio show, she met and interviewed Edenhill, an up and coming Indie Rock musician. Discovering Hana’s director work, EdenHill engaged OH GOSH to produce the music video for his first single of the year: All That I Need (2021).

bees crawling on the toe of a clints shoe up close


The concept proposed centred around Hana’s idea ‘The Lonely Hearts Club’. The lonely hearts are exaggerated caricatures of their own emotional turmoil, each have an introduction, a turning point and an evolution, this is all triggered by Edenhill’s performance. 

 “All That I Need” is a song about embracing the love around you, the lonely hearts club is a depressing place that is transformed into a safe haven by the end of the performance.


Edenhill is our protagonist and hero of the story. He is placed in the Lonely Hearts Club for reasons unknown to us. The Lonely Hearts Club is like purgatory for the broken-hearted. A make believe place we go to when we experience romantic, platonic or familial isolation or despair. Edenhill sees the state of our Lonely Heart characters and refuses to be condemned to the same fate. His performance heals the members of the Lonely Hearts club and teaches them to love again (through the almighty power of indie pop music)

All That I Need


The project underwent one month of pre-production and was shot on location in South London. A month was spent in post-production before debuting on Edenhill’s socials in the spring of 2021. It remains one of Edenhill’s most popular music videos to date and serves as Hana Kez’ directorial debut at OH GOSH.