Summer in a bottle.

bee keeper holding clints shoe


Long awaited, due to covid restrictions, Lanique confirmed production on their at-home consumer focused commercial in April of 2022. Previous projects produced with Lanique have focused on the unique nature of the product with an eye to the on-trade and mixologists. After seeing a boom in at home purchases during the Covid 19 pandemic, primarily through Amazon, the business decided to focus their marketing efforts in further engaging with their fastest growing market. 

The commercial was to be used primarily for assisting their Amazon sales, both by featuring in their store page, and for paid advertisement in search.

bees crawling on the toe of a clints shoe up close


Upon developing the concept, we were working with a few immovable details, namely the use of their favourite stylist, and the location. Incorporating this, we developed a simple concept titled “Easy as Lanique”, this tagline would be later revised however the concept was produced according to the original creative. 

Looking at the easy serves for Lalique (Lanique and Prosecco, Lanique and tonic), it felt only right to carry this sense of ease throughout. The idea came about when discussing the ideal time to drink Lanique. Refreshing in nature, the obvious setting is on a sunny day in a garden or in the park. Following on from this, the team reminisced about how ‘easy’ it is to bring friends together when the weather is good. Compared with trying to assemble friends for a dinner or get-together, on a sunny day you can be looking at the weather report in the morning, blink, and be in a friends garden by the afternoon. From there the idea was born. A gloriously sunny day in London, several friends meeting up, one friend brings the easy serve drink (Lanique) and the rest is nothing but a good time in the sun with friends.



The shoot took place in May 2022 on location in East Dulwich, London. Working alongside stylist Vivi Allende (ByVivi), who elevated the production design for the location to spectacular heights, as she assisted in the various setups throughout today.

In just under four weeks, Lanique were delivered the full 30 second commercial, two additional serve video’s to accompany their Amazon webstore page and social media re-formats. The commercial has yet been released to the public, and we will be analysing the engagement and impact once the deliverables go live.