The Sting

Clints Presents "The Sting"

bee keeper holding clints shoe

Small Manchester brand ‘Clints’ approached us when looking to launch their new shoe. Needing an array of media assets to satisfy their consumers appetite, OH GOSH delivered a collection of high quality images and a short commercial for the shoe’s launch. Using the commercial to generate interest in the upcoming release, the shoe sold out within a matter of hours.

bees crawling on the toe of a clints shoe up close

‘The Sting’ campaign creative was conceptualised around the colour-way of the shoe itself. With the striking black and yellow colours, in combination with their Manchester base (symbol of the bee), it only made sense to devise a concept around bee’s. Since the bee theme has been used many times, the concept aimed to distinguish itself using a dark tonality, contrasting with the common ‘buzzing bee’ connotations. The resulting deliverables were dark and horror-esque, standing boldly apart from the vast landscape of ‘streetwear’ marketing materials.

A small crew and minimum setup was essential for health and safety reasons (there were a lot of bee’s). The shoot wrapped within a half day in a local bee farm just outside of the bee farm location in Bolton.

The Sting

OH GOSH photographer Tim Wasilwa worked with the commercial’s film colourist to ensure a visual consistency across the media assets delivered. The commercial and photos were released alongside the shoe in May of 2021.