Gone 2 Soon - Paddy

The Manchester based electronic artist's debut music video.

Music Video
Chequered Wax Records
bee keeper holding clints shoe

As with most of the music video’s we produce, the concept was created with the track at the absolute centre. We felt the characteristics of ‘Gone 2 Soon’ imbued a sense of nostalgia alongside a feeling of ‘never-ending-ness’.  These became the starting points for conceptualisation of the video. 

bees crawling on the toe of a clints shoe up close

The concept explored a documentation of an authentic night on the town among long-time friends. Capturing everything from their long-awaited meet up, pre-drinking, bar hopping, clubbing, morning after fry-up and eventual separation. With the artist excited about our proposal, and with ample pre-production, we headed down to London for the shoot.

Shot in North London in the space of 24 hours, the camera follows the group of friends down the rabbit hole of their long awaited night out. Little to no direction was given by the crew, who simply followed and captured - leading to a truly authentic visual experience.

Gone 2 Soon - Paddy

A creative choice was made to use early 2000s digital cameras, supporting the sense of realism we were looking to achieve. Additionally the sense of nostalgia created by the song is echo’d here in the visual style.

‘Gone 2 Soon’ was released alongside the video in 2020 on Chequered Wax records.